Bath linen

Bath linen is an essential element for the layout of a bathroom. There is a very varied selection...


These absorbent fabrics are intended for drying the body after a bath or shower.
The only difference is in the mode of use, because the towel wraps around the body while the bathrobe is worn like a garment. Otherwise in terms of material, cotton is very often preferred. thanks to its softness . 

From an aesthetic point of view, there are solid color models that are quite neutral and adapt to all bathrooms; we can also offer them to our guests whose tastes we do not know. There are also fancy models which, apart from their utilitarian aspect, charm us with their very elegant patterns and customizable models. As for the dimensions, there are for all sizes.

Bath mat

As one might guess, it is a fabric (footrest) which prevents us from getting our bathroom wet after a bath or shower. Just like towels/bathrobes, you can find them in all colours, in cotton, but also sometimes in mixed yarns, linen or viscose. We can have all the thicknesses according to our preferences. We must not lose sight of the safety aspect either, because it prevents us from slipping on wet ground.