The fluffy and soft down pillow to make sleep more enjoyable.

The down pillow is filled with animal feathers, either goose feathers or duck feathers are used, it is 100% natural. La Déco De Miss Kebetu always advises you to choose bed pieces made with natural materials.


Not to be overlooked, the choice of your pillows, having the right mattress is good and having the right pillows is better for comfort. The pillow is not a detail, it is the piece of your bedding that supports the upper body, head, shoulder, back, during sleep. With the down pillow, you choose a sleep without back or head pain.


The benefits of the down pillow


Imagine yourself for a moment, sleeping on a piece filled with goose and duck feathers. Sleep becomes a pleasure, the down pillow is irresistible once you lay down on it for the first time. Down is a classic material, not to say old, it is housed in the top of the range of bedding, simple reason it is the must of comfort.

Its fluffy and soft aspect, offers you a sleep like that of a child. During the night, and when you wake up, you do not feel warm, this is due to the natural feather filling of the down pillow.


A lack of pain with the down pillow, a pillow that is too soft, poorly padded, can cause you back and neck pain, to avoid this kind of feeling when you wake up, you have to think about replacing it with a piece made from natural material. If you like it, take the down pillow, it's good for your health and maintain sleep comfort night after night.


How to choose your down pillow


The choice of the down pillow is not a mere coincidence, the advice for good sleep corresponds to this 100% natural offer. It is a pillow made in several forms, with different thicknesses. La Déco De Miss Kebetu gives you some tips to make the right choice.


For back sleepers, your down pillow should be square in shape with a fairly medium thickness, not too thick or less.


For stomach sleepers, a square down pillow is fine for you, with less bulk.


For side sleepers, opt for a rectangular-shaped down pillow with a good thickness


The even more durable down pillow

Beyond the price, which may make you hesitate, there is an even more interesting criterion about the down pillow. Filled with natural material, the down pillow is more durable than other cheap offerings. Its duration is estimated at 5 to 10 years. It is also easy to maintain, so it should normally be your first choice at La Déco de Miss Kebetu .

Make this luxury investment in your bedding, you will be more than satisfied. This is the guarantee of your sleeping comfort, and the quality/price ratio is excellent.