The bathroom is the first room we use when we wake up, and the last before going to bed. You enter tired/exhausted, but you come out relaxed. And for that alone, it deserves to be fitted out in such a way that it is enjoyable to stay there.

As usual, we are going to dwell a little on the essentials in the bathroom, in particular the shower or the bathtub, the sink, the shelves, the English chair, the mirror and of course, the lighting.

Rather shower or bath?

The choice is made according to the size of the bathroom or our need, simply. The shower is preferable for less spacious rooms, but also to facilitate our mobility. Thus there is the walk-in shower which is characterized by its attractive glass wall which can be sliding or with a door, the shower cubicle which differs from the previous one by its tray. We also have the shower hydromassage who works miracles with his advantage rolls hydrotherapeutics .

As for the bathtub, it is suitable for bathing the youngest and for relaxing after a hard day. It is found in fairly spacious bathrooms in different forms (rectangular, oval, corner one…) .
To reconcile the two, there is the combined bath-shower which, as its name suggests, offers the advantages of both options.


Being a generic name, it is often intended for express care such as washing hands or brushing teeth. It can be hung on the wall or hung on the floor. For both of them, the charm lies in the choice of fittings!


Welcoming a shelf in a bathroom requires choosing the right dimensions for the room. Thereafter, we will have the choice between the wall unit to free up space on the floor and the floor unit which will be placed squarely on the floor.

Toilet (WC)

They are often located in a corner of the bathroom. You have the choice between floor-standing WCs which represent the classic model, wall-hung toilets which are very advantageous for people with reduced mobility because we can readjust the bowl according to our needs, among other things.

You can't dress up without a mirror!

AT both useful and decorative , the mirror is essential in a bathroom. A small mirror gives its charm to the bathroom, unlike the large mirror which is much more comfortable. And of course, there is something for everyone.


It is very important because it allows us to makeover our maneuvers! Moreover, taking a relaxing bath, for example, and putting on make-up do not require the same light intensity. So, apart from the general lighting of the room, another more functional one is essential on the side of the mirror for better contemplation.

Being the room that really takes care of us, the bathroom also deserves to be taken care of. Thus, satisfaction will always be guaranteed, for the good of all!