La Déco De Miss Kebetu , presents its lyocell range, an original bedding, made from natural materials.

Lyocell , also called tencel , is a textile obtained by mixing eucalyptus pulp with natural cotton fibers. Our passion for bedding is to offer you offers made with 100% natural and environmentally friendly materials.

The range of lyocell bed linen


At La Déco De Miss Kebetu , you have the privilege of having the best clean bedding offers. This is the reason that pushes us to highlight especially the fabrics that are accommodated with respect for the environment. The range of bed linen in Tencel or Lyocell, is an ecological and complete proposal. The offer consists of a sheet, two pillowcases, a bed and duvet cover. It presents itself as the best suited to your requirements, for dimensions and colors. Here you will find tencel bedding made to your liking.


Let's talk about comfort, Lyocell bed linen is natural bedding that provides sleepers with what they need to spend sweet and loving nights. Tencel is a soft and refreshing adornment, worked from wood pulp, it is refined to make way for peaceful sleep. It is moisturizing, and recommended for the maintenance of the skin. When you wake up, it brings you a feeling of freshness, it facilitates the improvement of your well-being, night after night.


The natural properties of Lyocell contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Lyocell bed linen is thermoregulating and breathable, good news for summer nights, hot nights, where sweat can disturb your sleep. Tencel offers you always cool nights, it's unparalleled comfort.


The maintenance of Lyocell is simple and easy, it is a cloth that can be washed in the machine at 30°, light ironing is enough to keep its softness and shine. It has the advantage of being a durable fabric, due to its natural properties.


How do you get lyocell to make it into bed linen


The little story of Lyocell, this fabric has its source in eucalyptus and pine forests. It was in 1972 in the United States that the Tencel brand became known to the public. The good reputation of Lyocell is the fact that it is obtained by a 100% ecological process, with wood pulp, without pesticides, the growth of eucalyptus does not require a lot of water. Lyocell fibers are used in the textile industry in general, for eco brands.


Bedding enjoys the benefits of this product, manufacturers and trade houses praise the merits of Lyocell with confidence, this is one of the important propositions.

How to recognize real tencel, where to get it


Very few people can comment on the authenticity of fabrics for sleeping. The choice of bed linen like lyocell can only be done well with the help of a connoisseur. La Déco From Miss Kebetu , the bedding expert, helps you choose authentic, resistant and durable lyocell.