At La Déco De Miss Kebetu, we practice the art of sleeping well with comfortable sheets, in a soft duvet, on charming pillowcases. Discover the range of silk bed linen created to offer you a dream sleep.

The silk adornment is one of our offers, made with natural material. Always so inspired for bedding with environmentally friendly materials. Our sense of creativity is endless when it comes to your well being.


The comfort of sleeping with silk


Sleepers, and sleepers do not ask for more, if not comfort. Silk is an ancient, majestic fabric, a symbol of beauty and well-being. Silk is a natural fiber produced by spider or caterpillar larvae. The weaving of silk is done by grouping together several fine fibers to obtain a thick fabric. It is one of the most prestigious textiles in the world.


Sleeping on silk is weaving a royal relationship with sleep, its natural properties easily take you into the arms of morphee. It is no longer a question of simply sleeping, but of taking pleasure in sleeping.

Our silk adornments are tender, soft, and silky, they leave you with a pleasant feeling to the touch. There is no comparable comfort with sleeping with silk bedding.


You can sleep with silk bed linen all year round, don't worry about summer nights, silk sheets are thermoregulatory and resistant, they do not retain sweat during the night and when you wake up, you always find a pleasant freshness. Silk is the best to protect your skin from irritation, its absorption capacity is suitable for sensitive skin.

Silk adornments are for young and old. A suitable offer for the whole family.


Silk is durable and easy to care for


The natural sources of silk give it the advantage of being durable and easy to wash. You can wash your silk bed linen with the machine at a maximum temperature of 30°. It only requires very light ironing at low temperature. Its durability gives it excellent value for money.


How to recognize that it is real silk


Finding authentic silk is a challenge. Some offerings on the market may equate to silk, but unfortunately cheap counterfeits are on the rise. To be convinced to buy real silk, it is important to take the advice of an expert, or to provide you with a silk bedding specialist. Are you lucky to have come this far? Yes.


The Decoration of Miss Kebetu , simplifies your life. We choose real silk for you, especially silk made from 100% natural materials. Visit our offers of silk adornments available on the site. Follow the color and size guide to choose your silk adornments at La Déco De Miss Kebetu .


Our commitment is to offer an offer of bed linen that respects the environment. The reason is simple, your health!