Quality linen for quality sleep

We spend a third of our lives sleeping. It is therefore important to choose our bed linen carefully. Different pieces make up the latter...

Bed sheet / fitted sheet

Both are used to cover the mattress, unlike the fitted sheet which is wrapped in elastic to cover the mattress in a fixed manner.

For both, the choice of material is essential and still remains diversified. Cotton sheets are soft and comfortable. Moreover, the fibers of this same cotton can be used to make cotton percale sheets (very light appearance) or cotton sateen sheets (for a much more shiny effect). There are also linen sheets which are very durable but also provide a luxurious feel.

Bed cover

We love it so that it can maintain our body temperature at a fairly pleasant and comfortable level. It is often made of wool and this choice lies in the simple fact that this material is known for its thermal insulation capabilities. It must also be large enough to cover all parts of our body. In addition, it is often accompanied by a cover which is a fabric envelope that protects it.


A pillowcase is a fabric used to cover a pillow, bolster or comforter. It has the same properties as cloth, which means that we find the same materials there. A pillow cover protects the pillow (or the bolster or the comforter) and is located between the latter and the pillowcase.

Choosing your bed linen should not be something to neglect at all. Because at the same time, you choose your well-being, comfort and maintenance at your fingertips.